Unruly Heroes (Xbox One, 2019)
Games similar to Unruly Heroes:
85  The Adventure Pals (Xbox One, 2018)
84  DragoDino (Xbox One, 2018)
84  Shanky: The Vegan's Nightmare (Xbox One, 2018)
76  Forgotton Anne (Xbox One, 2018)
75  Flipping Death (Xbox One, 2018)
74  The Long Reach (Xbox One, 2018)
64  The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (Xbox One, 2018)
55  Animal Super Squad (Xbox One, 2019)
51  The Fall (Xbox One, 2015)
45  The Walking Vegetables (Xbox One, 2019)
44  Fe (Xbox One, 2018)
40  The Cave (Xbox 360, 2013)

Notes: Games similar to Unruly Heroes, Games like Unruly Heroes, Magic Design Studios, Magic Design Studios, Xbox One, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fighting, Platform, Puzzle elements, Side view, 2D scrolling, Microsoft Xbox, Game Similarities.

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