4Minute (Hip Hop, J-pop, 2009-2016)
Music similar to 4Minute:
60  Specktors (Hip Hop, 2009-2016)
60  Charisma.com (J-pop, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, 2013-2016)
55  Lady Tigra (Hip Hop, Electro, 2008-2012)
55  Sage The Gemini (Hip Hop, House, 2013-2015)
53  Kreayshawn (Hip Hop, Electro, 2011-2012)
52  Atemlos (Hip Hop, 2000-2000)
52  Love Is The Answer (Hip Hop, 1991-1991)
52  Misia (J-pop, Ballad, House, 1998-2016)
51  Morning Musume (J-pop, Vocal, Pop Rock, 1998-2015)

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