(((O))) (Witch House, Experimental, Dark Ambient, 2011-2015)
Music similar to (((O))):
66  Mater Suspiria Vision (Witch House, Experimental, Drone, 2010-2015)
63  Deer Diary (Witch House, Electro, 2011-2012)
62  D/SIR (Witch House, IDM, Experimental, 2013-2016)
60  Ceremonial Dagger (Experimental, Witch House, Industrial, 2012-2015)
59  Sco (Witch House, 2015-2015)
59  Apexys (Witch House, 2015-2015)
56  Modern Witch (Witch House, EBM, Industrial, 2010-2014)
56  Sidewalks And Skeletons (Darkwave, Witch House, Hip Hop, 2012-2015)
53  SALEM (Shoegaze, Witch House, Screw, 2008-2011)
53  M△S▴C△RA (Witch House, Experimental, Noise, 2010-2015)
53  Couch Souvenir (Experimental, Dark Ambient, Witch House, 2015-2015)
52  Gnothi Seauton (Experimental, Witch House, Trap, 2014-2015)
51  ∆AIMON (Industrial, Darkwave, Witch House, 2011-2013)
51  IC3PEAK (Experimental, Witch House, Bass Music, 2014-2016)
51  Zyxz (Witch House, Vaporwave, 2015-2015)

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