Ángel Ontalva (Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Free Improvisation, 2012-2015)
Music similar to Ángel Ontalva:
66  Jasper Van't Hof (Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Ambient, 1974-2016)
63  Terje Rypdal (Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, 1971-2013)
61  Hugh Hopper (Jazz-Rock, Experimental, Free Improvisation, 1973-2015)
61  Mark Egan (Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Ambient, 1981-2015)
61  Martin Kratochvíl (Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Contemporary Jazz, 1979-2015)
60  Mark Nauseef (Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Free Improvisation, 1981-2011)
59  Toshinori Kondo (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Experimental, 1978-2016)
59  Sidsel Endresen (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Experimental, 1994-2014)
59  Arve Henriksen (Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Future Jazz, 2000-2014)
59  Mouse On The Keys (Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Alternative Rock, 2007-2015)
58  Joey Baron (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Experimental, 1992-2013)
58  Michael Shrieve (Ambient, Experimental, Prog Rock, 1984-2008)
58  Benoît Delbecq (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Avant-garde Jazz, 2001-2012)
57  Yochk'o Seffer (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, 1976-2016)
57  Stein Urheim (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Ambient, 2009-2016)
57  Christy Doran (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, 1984-2015)
56  Mother Gong (Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Free Improvisation, 1979-2007)
56  E.S.T. (Contemporary Jazz, Ambient, Jazz-Rock, 1993-2012)
56  Andrea Centazzo (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, 1974-2013)
56  Theo Travis (Contemporary Jazz, Ambient, Jazz-Rock, 1994-2009)
56  Portico Quartet (Contemporary Jazz, Ambient, IDM, 2006-2015)
55  Joachim Kühn (Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, Jazz-Rock, 1969-2014)
55  Paul Bley (Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, 1954-2014)
55  Yochk'o Seffer Neffesh Music (Contemporary Jazz, Modern, Experimental, 1976-2008)
55  Ernst Reijseger (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, 1981-2016)
54  Jamie Saft (Contemporary Jazz, Dub, Noise, 1996-2015)
54  Giancarlo Schiaffini (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, 1973-2011)
54  Jana Koubková (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Fusion, 1984-2014)
54  Sei Miguel (Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Experimental, 1989-2016)
54  Andreas Willers (Free Improvisation, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, 1981-2016)
54  Franco Saint De Bakker (Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Free Improvisation, 2004-2010)
54  Food (Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Free Improvisation, 1999-2015)
53  Wadada Leo Smith (Free Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, 1979-2015)
53  Matthew Shipp (Free Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, 1988-2016)
53  Thomas Strønen (Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Free Improvisation, 2004-2015)
52  Anthony Braxton (Free Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, 1968-2016)
52  Gianni Gebbia (Free Improvisation, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, 1990-2015)
52  André Duchesne (Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Free Improvisation, 1984-2006)
52  Håkon Kornstad (Free Improvisation, Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, 2005-2015)
52  Erik Truffaz (Future Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, 1997-2014)
51  Butch Morris (Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, 1977-2014)
51  Scott Fields Ensemble (Free Improvisation, Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, 1995-2011)
51  Albert Giménez (Experimental, Flamenco, Free Improvisation, 1981-2013)
51  Francis Lockwood (Jazz-Rock, New Age, Contemporary Jazz, 1981-2002)

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