257ers (Screw, Thug Rap, Pop Rap, 2008-2016)
Music similar to 257ers:
72  Chamillionaire (Thug Rap, Gangsta, Screw, 2003-2013)
66  Ghostface Killah (Thug Rap, RnB/Swing, Pop Rap, 1996-2016)
65  Notorious B.I.G. (Thug Rap, Pop Rap, Gangsta, 1994-2009)
61  Riff Raff (Hip Hop, Thug Rap, Pop Rap, 2012-2016)
58  Cool D (Pop Rap, Thug Rap, Hip Hop, 1995-2012)
57  Young Jeezy (Thug Rap, Gangsta, Crunk, 2003-2015)
57  K.I.Z. (Crunk, Screw, Grime, 2005-2015)
57  The Game (Gangsta, Thug Rap, Pop Rap, 2003-2016)
57  Kool Savas (Pop Rap, Gangsta, Thug Rap, 2000-2014)
56  Cam'ron (Thug Rap, Gangsta, Hip Hop, 1998-2014)
56  Juvenile (Thug Rap, Gangsta, RnB/Swing, 1994-2014)
56  RZA (Conscious, Thug Rap, Pop Rap, 1996-2014)
56  DMX (Gangsta, Thug Rap, Pop Rap, 1993-2016)
56  50 Cent (Gangsta, Thug Rap, Pop Rap, 1999-2015)
55  Nas (Conscious, Thug Rap, Gangsta, 1992-2012)
53  The Incredible Tall (Thug Rap, 2010-2016)
52  Honky (House, Pop Rap, Thug Rap, 1993-1996)
51  ASAP Rocky (Thug Rap, Electro, Trap, 2012-2015)

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