1M54 (Lo-Fi, Minimal, 1996-1996)
Music similar to 1M54:
57  Klaus Beyer (Lo-Fi, Pop Rock, Post-Punk, 1995-2012)
57  Cedar Lines (Lo-Fi, Minimal, New Age, 2006-2010)
56  Mus (Lo-Fi, Experimental, Ambient, 1997-2007)
52  Larry And The Lefthanded (Lo-Fi, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, 1994-1998)
52  Oso El Roto (Noise, Lo-Fi, Acoustic, 1996-2013)
51  Datblygu (Experimental, Lo-Fi, Post-Punk, 1983-2015)
51  UL/KR (Ambient, Lo-Fi, 2012-2013)
51  Påsan (Lo-Fi, 1999-2000)
51  Lives Of Angels (New Wave, Minimal, 1983-1987)
51  plusplus (Lo-Fi, Acoustic, 2011-2014)

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