"Dreamgirls" Original Broadway Cast (Musical, Rhythm & Blues, Disco, 1982-1986)
Music similar to "Dreamgirls" Original Broadway Cast:
64  Julia Migenes (Musical, Chanson, Disco, 1973-1994)
56  Benny Andersson (Musical, Ballad, Neo-Classical, 1984-2015)
56  Tim Rice (Musical, Euro House, Ballad, 1969-1995)
55  Marcia Hines (Disco, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, 1975-2014)
55  Andrew Lloyd Webber (Musical, Classic Rock, Soundtrack, 1971-2014)
54  Sharon Benson (Soul, Disco, Rhythm & Blues, 1981-2015)
52  Jennifer Holliday (Soul, Disco, Rhythm & Blues, 1982-2013)
51  Jimmy Dockett (Soul, Disco, Rhythm & Blues, 1973-1985)
51  Peggy Scott (Soul, Disco, Rhythm & Blues, 1969-1997)

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