54-71 (Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, Post Rock, 2000-2005)
Music similar to 54-71:
63  Goribor (Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, Blues Rock, 1997-2014)
58  toe (Math Rock, Alternative Rock, Post Rock, 2002-2015)
58  Phunk Junkeez (Funk Metal, Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, 1993-2007)
58  Kinnie Starr (Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, Experimental, 1996-2010)
57  Under Byen (Alternative Rock, Experimental, Downtempo, 1997-2013)
53  King Cobb Steelie (Trip Hop, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, 1992-2004)
53  Skafandr (Alternative Rock, Dub, Trip Hop, 2001-2012)
53  Luscious Jackson (Alternative Rock, Downtempo, Trip Hop, 1992-2013)
53  Naked Lunch (Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Post Rock, 1991-2015)
52  Oneyed Jack (Fusion, Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, 1993-2001)
52  G. Love (Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Jazz-Rock, 1992-2012)
52  Wild Strawberries (Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Trip Hop, 1989-2013)
52  Poe (Alternative Rock, Leftfield, Trip Hop, 1995-2001)
52  Ozark Henry (Pop Rock, Trip Hop, Alternative Rock, 1996-2015)
52  Karate (Post Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, 1995-2007)
52  Nierika (Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Trip Hop, 2003-2012)
52  David J (Alternative Rock, Post Rock, New Wave, 1983-2016)
51  Archive (Trip Hop, Downtempo, Alternative Rock, 1996-2015)
51  The Samuel Jackson Five (Post Rock, Alternative Rock, Math Rock, 2004-2014)
51  Maquiladora (Alternative Rock, Post Rock, Folk Rock, 1999-2015)

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