(Sic)Monic (Experimental, Nu Metal, Progressive Metal, 2009-2009)
Music similar to (Sic)Monic:
64  Under The Pledge Of Secrecy (Experimental, Progressive Metal, 2008-2014)
64  Totalisti (Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal, 2005-2008)
61  Crimson Blue (Nu Metal, Experimental, Gothic Metal, 2011-2014)
60  Seven Daily Sins (Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Experimental, 2011-2011)
60  Mestis (Experimental, Progressive Metal, 2012-2015)
56  81db (Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, 2009-2013)
53  Slipknot (Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, 1996-2016)
52  The Algorithm (Math Rock, Experimental, Progressive Metal, 2009-2016)
52  Sevendust (Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, 1997-2016)
52  Acrania (Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Experimental, 2007-2015)
52  My Ruin (Nu Metal, Goth Rock, Hard Rock, 1999-2013)
51  Mark Mallman (Indie Rock, Experimental, 1998-2015)
51  Taproot (Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, 1997-2012)
51  Polyphia (Prog Rock, Progressive Metal, Experimental, 2011-2016)
51  40 Below Summer (Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, 1999-2015)
51  Tracktor Bowling (Alternative Rock, Nu Metal, Hardcore, 1999-2015)
51  Harvey Milk (Experimental, Doom Metal, Noise, 1994-2010)
51  Emil Bulls (Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, Grunge, 1995-2016)
51  Nerves (Hardcore, Experimental, Progressive Metal, 2013-2013)

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