Ženy (Avantgarde, Vocal, Parody, 1992-1992)
Music similar to Ženy:
60  Evelyn Evelyn (Alternative Rock, Avantgarde, Parody, 2010-2010)
57  Frank Zappa (Avantgarde, Prog Rock, Jazz-Rock, 1968-2016)
56  Mike Keneally (Avantgarde, Prog Rock, Experimental, 1992-2016)
55  Rambo Amadeus (Parody, Avantgarde, Alternative Rock, 1988-2015)
55  The Rudy Schwartz Project (Parody, Experimental, Avantgarde, 1990-2014)
53  The Tiger Lillies (Avantgarde, Parody, Chanson, 1994-2014)
53  The Mothers (Avantgarde, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, 1966-1991)
52  Big Cyc (Parody, Alternative Rock, Punk, 1990-2016)
51  Willy Astor (Parody, Schlager, Acoustic, 1986-2014)
51  Sleepy Sleepers (Parody, Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, 1975-2015)

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