340ml (Dub, Instrumental, Alternative Rock, 2003-2009)
Music similar to 340ml:
65  Dub Trio (Dub, Alternative Rock, Post Rock, 2004-2011)
61  Paprika Korps (Reggae, Dub, Alternative Rock, 1999-2016)
58  Indios Bravos (Alternative Rock, Dub, Reggae, 2004-2013)
57  Lion Dub Station (Dub, Industrial, 1997-2011)
57  Nârâyana (Dub, Funk Metal, 1999-2005)
55  Skafandr (Alternative Rock, Dub, Trip Hop, 2001-2012)
55  Carl Harvey (Dub, 1979-2003)
55  The Vision (Dub, Reggae, 1987-1994)
55  New Age Steppers (Dub, Punk, Experimental, 1980-2012)
53  Guns Of Brixton (Dub, Post Rock, Alternative Rock, 2005-2012)
52  Ruts DC (Dub, Punk, New Wave, 1981-2016)
51  Whit Weed (Dub, 2004-2006)

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